By Bill McCabe

How Property-Wide Wi-Fi Can Support Remote Work

Smart Wi-Fi, or managed Wi-Fi available throughout a building, is a feature that lures residents and makes living places available throughout a building, a part that attracts residents and makes places to live more desirable.

Smart Wi-Fi is a game-changer for residents, employees, property owners/operator’s residents, and residents, employees, and property owners/operators; Smart Wi-Fi is a game-changer, particularly in terms of Smart Wi-Fi and remote work. Residents want quick, reliable internet access & Smart Wi-Fi not only meets their requirements but also generates income to support the remaining Smart Building activities.

What is Smart Wi-Fi, and how does it work?

Smart Wi-Fi is internet connectivity available across the apartment complex, including all common areas. It was built with the density of multifamily housing in consideration. Remote work and smart Wi-Fi both have their advantages.

Rather than paying more to find their provider and have internet installed in their apartment, residents with apartment buildings having property-wide Wi-Fi pay substantially less for secure, high-speed internet.

A network owned by the property provides the connection for on-site property managers & maintenance and a personal internet connection for each resident. This method is the best way to provide free Wi-Fi for everyone on the property way to provide free Wi-Fi for everyone on the property is through this method.

Remote Work and Smart Wi-Fi 

1. Ensure the environment is safe and secure. 

Traditional ISPs have contracts with residents and provide in-unit hubs or unit-based connectivity to each apartment separately. As the safety of the Wi-Fi in the resident’s unit mostly depends on their own choices, this offers openings for hackers to exploit.

For example, an apartment unit might have internet access to a Wi-Fi router. If this router is open, it would be easy for someone to access the connected devices or change the settings accidentally or on purpose (like intelligent lighting and smart thermostats). These gadgets manage sensitive personal information, so access by someone with hidden agendas could be dangerous.

An adequately installed internet protects any areas that can be dangerous if the settings are changed accidentally or on purpose.

2.  Make internet connection consistent across the premises.

Particularly with Smart Wi-Fi & remote work, residents want internet connectivity throughout the entire building, not just in individual units. They can decide to leave their department and work in the clubhouse or other public spaces.

Residents would have to transfer networks or lose access if they used in-unit hubs instead of relying on their hotspot while traveling from their team to a nearby location. Everyone on the property, including the owners, workers, and residents, can use the internet at all times thanks to property-wide Wi-Fi.

3. Tailor Wi-Fi to the needs of the property and business.

 Tailored Wi-Fi is significant because internet access considers typical use cases to ensure that internet access is as robust as doable for Smart Wi-Fi & remote work. The Wi-Fi solution is tailored to the property’s architecture and needs and is already designed for the challenges of multifamily housing and remote workers.

For operators and property owners, property-wide Wi-Fi can:

  • Ensure that the infrastructure exists to offer the services that the community wants.
  • Keep business operations secure and effective.
  • Generate valuable revenue

All apartment stakeholders, including other residents, staff, owners, and operators, gain from having Wi-Fi throughout the building and remote workers.

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