By Bill McCabe

How IoT Is Influencing Education and Learning

The Internet has long been recognized as the vast computer network that enables communication with others and sharing of information among computers, cell phones, tablets & other devices. The variety of these devices is significantly expanding due to Internet of Things development. Additionally, intelligent linked devices can have the ability to use actuators to carry out specific tasks after evaluating sensor data and collecting data with the aid of sensors.

The education sector is currently transforming a transformation because of IoT. Suppose we successfully integrate IoT into education. A solution built on a reliable architecture. In that situation, we may enhance the process of imparting and receiving knowledge and improve the convenience and security of educational institutions.

Few examples of IoT in education

Enhanced online connections:

Imagine a situation where students could speak with their peers, teachers, and mentors who have dispersed worldwide while the world was seated at their computers at home or in the classroom. Or, let’s suppose that the day’s activities are centered on marine life. Teachers decide to use the information produced via real-time feeds & sensors tracking water bodies to access the data made via real-time feeds and sensors watching water bodies to give their students an extraordinarily instructive order to give their students a highly enlightening and genuinely thrilling experience.

Sensor gloves:

Children can learn sign language using sensor gloves linked to an IoT system. An IoT system retrieves the signal and analyzes it when a student utilizing a sensor glove makes a sign. A control app can give students feedback on the signing accuracy by comparing their movement with the appropriate sample.

Other Internet of Things (IoT) wearables

Virtual reality headsets, watches & fitness bands are examples of wearable Internet of Things (IoT) technology that may soon enter classrooms. The IoT-enabled headbands provide a smartphone app with information about a student’s brain activity to a smartphone app. Thus, it is easier for teachers to keep tabs on students’ involvement levels and learning preferences.

Improving the learning environment with IoT


An HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning) system’s primary goals are to maintain acceptable indoor air quality and thermal comfort through appropriate ventilation and filtration. Operating only when necessary, a cutting-edge HVAC system can assist a school in saving energy and money. For instance, an intelligent, innovative HVAC system will send commands to regulate temperature and airflow.

RFID – Radio Frequency Identification

One of the potential applications of IoT in education is automatic attendance tracking utilizing radio frequency identification (RFID). A mobile phone or student ID might have an RFID chip allowing continuous monitoring. The teachers can locate the student in the classroom and determine whether they are present. Teachers can identify students who regularly miss class, determine the cause of their absence, and take appropriate action by evaluating this data.

GPS tracking system 

Administrators and children can monitor the location of a school bus equipped with GPS. They can locate a school bus at any time in this way. Furthermore, waiting is unnecessary because the pupils can be informed whenever their school bus arrives at the pickup area.


The process of imparting and receiving knowledge, as well as the learning environment, could be substantially improved by the IoT.

Teachers and students who reside in different cities or countries can interact and engage more when they can connect online. With the help of various wearable IoT devices, education can be improved. Innovative schools may use IoT to monitor school buses, manage lighting systems, track student attendance, enhance security, and other things.

These are only a few instances that highlight the importance of IoT in this industry. IoT has a lot more to offer in the field of education.

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