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Retained Search

Retained search means that we will operate on an exclusive basis for your candidate. The vacancy will only be filled through this recruitment company. All you have to do is pick the one you like the most.


A consultant may be asked to bring broader expertise about recruiting that the employer doesn't have in house. In some instances, consultants are hired to supplement or provide guidance on finding a candidate.

Contingency Search

In a contingency search, there are no upfront costs and you pay the agency only if you hire one of their candidates and he or she remains with your company for an agreed-upon time.

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By the time that you read this,  more than 3500 new IoT devices will be online.  There are more than 300 million devices getting connected to the online world every month. Researchers  estimate that there are going to be 50  billion devices connected  to the online world by the end of  2020.

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About Bill McCabe

Bill McCabe, founder of Iot Recruiting and SoftNet Search found his niche in recruiting and spent 19 years in executive search helping candidates and hiring managers in the software and professional services industry.


Crossing over to IoT, a field about which he knew a great deal and wanted to know more, Bill became very passionate about IoT and big data, making it a point to learn the past, present and future of the arena.


In IoT, Bill found his real space in life.

What Leading IT Companies Say About IoT Recruiter.

I was not looking forward to guiding it or to interviewing and finding the right person for the job. Knowing little about IoT just compounded the problem. Bill is professional, thorough and what’s more, he’s quick which gave us an edge.
Jerome Taylor
Bill is a top-notch professional that will work closely with both the candidate and HR team to find the right match and best fit. I would highly recommend Bill to any job seeker or manager needing to fill a technology position.
George Ayers
I have known Bill for more than 20 years. Bill has demonstrated superior Business knowledge, industry expertise and outstanding follow-through on all his personal and professional commitments.
Serge Ratmiroff

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