Will Tech Companies be the Next Big Car Companies?

It’s no secret that connected cars are already on the market. When it comes to IoT it doesn’t get much more controversial than the autonomous vehicle.  These connected vehicles however are a different story. While the self driving vehicle is causing consternation from young people to older people, connected cars are something that the world seems to be ready to embrace. Nevermind that some of them have already been hacked and will likely be so again, people want them and the demand has dramatically increased for connected vehicles that make people’s lives easier.

Over the course of the past year these cars have become much more connected and are creating a really good income for the auto makers. What’s more as internet technology grows and advances, the automobile as we know it will be vastly different and will continue to become more controversial.

The next decade alone is projected to change the way that we drive, the way that we travel and the entire car ownership experience.

A new report from BI Intelligence examines every aspect of the  metamorphosis of the car, inclusive of the market, the benefits, the consumer response and demand as well as strategies and projections.

Some of the key elements of this report are:

Connection is offering new and clear business opportunities

Consumers are adopting the cars and adapting to them much more rapidly than anyone had dared to dream.

More than 380 million connected vehicles will be traveling our roads by  2021 and many of them will be self driving. The market is nearly guaranteed because automakers who are creating vehicles today plan to connect most of what they have on the market in the next two years alone.

Completely autonomous cars are only a few years in the future and all of us may be “driving” them quite shortly. Technical companies are playing a huge role in the development of automobiles. Which begs the question,  in the new future are we going to see tech companies which are actually developing and manufacturing cars?

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