Smart Devices – Turn any home into a Smart Home

There are millions of people who are familiar with Google Home, Google Home Mini or Amazons little devices, these are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Smart devices now include things like toasters, mixers, televisions, refrigerators, and even light bulbs and thermostats. These devices permit you to monitor your use and Visual Composer to control your home settings, even when you’re away.
You can shut off the lights from your phone or tablet without even using your virtual assistant.

Smart Home

If you’re looking for a way to set up your smart home–no matter how old your house may be, you can install a couple of simple devices in any house, from a modular to a mobile home to a hundred year old ranch home and get your house online in a hurry.

Smart Speakers

When it comes to smart speakers, you simply can’t beat the Google home Mini or the Amazon Echo. Either one offers you a hands free speaker that allows you to control myriad devices and functions with nothing more than a speaker.
Use voice commands to ask for the weather, to make a phone call, to get directions or even to ask it for a recipe. Pair the device with your favorite streaming audio like Google or YouTube and you can get a playlist of your favorite songs ready to rock and roll your evening.
What’s cool about them? Control your entire home with just a single speaker and your phone. You can do things like check out the doorbell, shut off your smart devices or anything else that you might like using the Alexa or the Google Home or Google mini.

Smart light bulbs.

Just as the name implies, they can be programmed to go off and on as you want them to. They can be controlled from your phone or tablet to be shut off any time you like and you can do many other things with them.
Smart Outlets Dozens of different types of smart outlets are available from singles to triplets. These outlets allow you to control them from your cell phone and to be able to shut off anything that is plugged into them. Forget to shut off the coffee pot? Left the iron plugged in? Plug them into a smart outlet and control them from anywhere.

The smart home of today doesn’t have to be a brand new state of the art just built home.  In our next article we’ll explore the down side of having a smart home and how to mitigate the issues from it.

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