The Vast Impact of Digital Twins

One of the biggest developments in technology in the past decade has been digital twinning. Digital twins are digital replicas of physical systems or physical products. Basically what happens is that a digital twin gives you a real time view of how your manufacturing or your software or some other physical component is actually doing in the real world.

Digital twins aren’t just being used in things like automotive and manufacturing. They are also being used in things like construction to ensure that the project will come in on time and under budget. As a consequence of their ability to offer vast improvements in time and cost savings, organizations are using them to oversee and evaluate the way that their physical assets are performing, to identify what is prone to breaking down or not working and why and then improving their physical world products and services to create a better outcome for themselves financially.

Interestingly enough, with digital twins being the duet of virtual and physical worlds, only 45 percent of the engineers out there believed that a ‘3D representation’ is a must have variable for the technology.

Reboot Online, digital marketing specialists also found that 77 percent believed that digital twin technology in the product life cycle. So far as what process will be most benefited by the use of digital twinning, it seems that nearly everyone who was intereviewed believed that manufacturing ( 70 percent) was the most likely process to benefit from using digital twin technology. Additionally, about 60% of the feel digital twin technology can be highly practical for ‘quality control’ testing. Interestingly, 59% consider a digital twin to be impactful in the ‘design’ phase of a product/system.

Contrastingly, ‘finance and procurement’ (13%) is the step in the product life cycle which engineers think will be able to capitalize the least from the capabilities of digital twin technology. Just above, only 19% of engineers place ‘sales and marketing’ as a key operation which can experience significant gains from deploying digital twins.

Naomi Aharony, Director of Reboot Online stated:

“We are in an era of rapid technological developments. At the forefront of that has been the rise and evolution of digital twins. With the technology having the ability to cover the entire life cycle of a physical system, process or product; it provides businesses with a powerful analytical tool that can thoroughly assess key performance indicators and provide insights as to where enhancements can be made. In the long run, the lessons and suggestions taken from digital twins will drive various opportunities for innovation and growth”.

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