Farming Benefits of IoT- The Top Five Farming Benefits

Technology has changed the way that we do everything. Now it is poised to help feed the world and even to alleviate hunger for those who can not afford higher pricing in foods. There are multiple ways that IoT can be used to benefit and improve farming and agriculture as a whole.

Smart Sensors are collecting literally tons of data. These sensors are capturing weather conditions, soil quality, cattle health and the growth of both plants and animals. The data is being used to track the performance of staff, the efficiency of the watering and feeding processes, the efficiency of equipment and even the state of the business as whole, saving time and money for both large and small farms.

Lowered production risks and lowered production costs. The sensors and use of IoT offers a better ability to see the production and allows better planning and execution. If you know what kind of crop you’re going to have you can make sure that the product doesn’t lie around without being sold because you can plan ahead for the sales.

Waste reduction is lowered thanks to better controls over the production. The ability to see the problems in crop or livestock growth and health means that you’ll be able to mitigate losses more readily. You will quite likely enjoy a much better yield.

Enhanced quality of product and higher volumes. You’ll have better control over the entire production process and much higher standards of crop or livestock quality when you are able to see how things are going every step of the way using sensors and IoT data.

Automating the process means that you will have a much more efficient business. Using smart tools you can automate processes like planting, pest control and even irrigation and fertilization. This means that you’re spending less man hours and less money.

IoT can lower the risks in farming and change the way that we do business, offering better yields for less work and making farming more profitable and more efficient.

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