The Growth of IoT in Farming

Farming has seen a vast array of changes in the past year or two. With the rapidly growing adoption of IoT in farming and in industry, connected devices are infiltrating every portion of our lives. From health to medicine, to fitness to logistics and automotive, there are so many different ways that we are using IoT.

It seems only logical then that we are seeing a wide range of IoT use in farming and agriculture. Farming is seeing a wide array of technical transformations and is now nearly technology driven. We are using smart sensors and gadgets to help us to have more control over planting, watering, livestock breeding, crop growing, and we are making farming much more reliable, more predictable and we’re improving our farming efficiency by leaps and bounds.

Industrial Iot and smart farming are not nearly as popular or talked about as many other things, such as connected devices for the consumer, the market is remarkably dynamic and is growing by leaps and bounds.

BI Intelligence predicts that the number of agriculture IoT device installations will hit 75 million by 2020, and they are projecting about twenty percent growth per year for the next five years. The global smart farming market is going to triple by 2025, reaching more than 15 billion where it was only at 5 billion in 2016.

According to Eastern Peak, “Because the market is still developing, there is still ample opportunity for businesses willing to join in. Building IoT products for agriculture within the coming years can set you apart as an early adopter, and as such, help you pave the way to success.”

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