Teaching an Old House New Skills with IoT Technologies

IoT Technologies

Teaching an Old House New Skills

Who says your dated house cannot have the latest IoT technologies tricks? Automation and connectivity are the main benefits of having a smart house. With the help of the latest IoT devices, your present living space can turn into an efficient, smart haven:


Worth 249 USD, Ecobee4 is a voice-controlled smart thermostat with its Alexa. It can tell you news updates with a smart speaker and even make the room cooler or warmer. This wall-mounted thermostat has a room sensor about the size of a Zippo. You can place it conveniently in an area of the house that you frequent the most such as the den or living room. This way, it can sense accurate temperature in that microclimate in which you stay.

Intellithings RoomMe.

For 70 USD, you get this human detector. RoomMe is a sensor-saturated fixture knows if you just entered the room. It can sense your phone via Bluetooth. Once it detects you, it will activate the speakers, lights, and thermostats and set them based on your preferences. One family member gets to be the Room Master for every sensor, so that person’s preferences supersede all others, even if other people stepped into the room earlier.

iRoot Roomba i7+.

At 1,100 USD, cleaning with the help of this smart robovac is so much easier. It can learn your home’s layout. From its floor plan, you can set automated schedules for cleaning. When it is not sweeping your floors, the Roomba empties its dustbin into a container in its own charging station. Just replace the waste bag every half an hour.

Eve Energy Strip.

Priced at 100 USD, you get a three-outlet surge connector that is also connected to WiFi. Appliances such as lamps or fans can plug into it. With its app, you can program your plugged in devices to turn off or on. You can also do this with your smart gadget. The data traffic that happens here is encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about data leaks.

C of GE C-Start Smart Switch.

You can avail of this smart dimmer switch for 60 USD. With it, you can control any type of light bulb in your space with a voice command via Google Assistant or Alexa, a touch, or even a quick tap in the app. You can go ahead and install several switches, but you will be able to control all the lights from any one of those switches. It is sensitive to motion, but It has a “Do Not Disturb” feature that keeps lights off even if your cat or dog walks around at night.

IoT technologies such as these can help your house save more money and work more efficiently. It’s just a matter of choosing the right one to fit into your needs and preferences.

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