Sight Machine Suggest Manufacturing Automation is a Future We Need to Embrace

Image of IoT machinery - Sight MachineSight Machine executives believe that the internet of things is the future of things. With it, companies will have the power to analyze data more effectively and it could change the face of the business world. The company currently uses cloud computing combined with machine learning and analytics to determine security threats.

When you look at their company, you quickly discover their vision is different. They are committed to showing companies how to use machines to embrace the future. They teach about machine learning and give insight into the early versions of the internet of things and explain the progression that is being made towards advancements. Their goal, is to help companies create their products more effectively and then take their products and make them better.

How does that happen? The answer is simple. The internet of things allows a company to gain more insight into the process. With the data they compile, the can boost quality levels. In many cases, automating areas to run more effectively and even examine the parts of a machine and closely monitor them for repairs as needed or modifications.

The result is an effective use of machines and the ability to improve the manufacturing process. Sight Machine has discovered in most cases, manufacturing plants are behind in technology. They aren’t using computing, networking and other essential technology to improve their output and to boost their profits.

With their revolutionary approach, they are able to help simplify the process. They use a silo approach that collects the data, distributes it and then discards it when it is no longer needed. They can then integrate the data and input the information into analytical tools. With the information they can improve the quality of outputted products and reduce the operating costs for a company. All it takes is adding in some numerically controlled manufacturing machines designed with business intelligence and analytics in mind.

This is the future of business and Sight Machine is definitely helping companies embrace the Internet of Things. With technology doing more than ever before, real time data can be sent to connected machines. When a problem arises, the company can inspect it and reduce the cost of flaws. Imagine having a distribution line where jars of pickles are produced. If something becomes clogged, an alert goes out to maintenance and each of the production departments in seconds. The machine stops and there isn’t damage and loss caused by the malfunction. While the alert allows the production machine to be repaired quickly and restored in a shorter period of time.

The internet of things is the future. Companies who are looking to embrace it will want to work with businesses like Sight Machine and discover how they can take things to the next level. After all, the chances of a company being around in a decade is slim if they aren’t embracing technology in their day to day operations.

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