How Much Will AI Affect Jobs in the U.S?

Automation is creating a real buzz in multiple arenas. From robotics to warehousing, automation is the order of the day. Many people believe it will also real issues by dramatically impacting our ability to make a living. With robots replacing laborers in manufacturing vehicles and artificial intelligence (AI) many people believe that the AI and IoT will begin  simply killing the job sectors.

3d rendering of human brain on technology background represent artificial intelligence and cyber space concept

Which Industries are Affected the most by Automation?

There isn’t a single industry that isn’t going to be affected in some way by automation in the coming months and years. In fact,  automation has the potential to replace factory workers, miners, travel agents and bank tellers. It can not only do the job but it can do it more safely in a way that will preserve the lives of humans.

Automated technology threatens 2.2 to 3.1 million people around the globe, who are involved in the transportation sector. In addition,  software today has the capability of assessing substantial volumes of documents, thus, eliminating most of the professionals in IT. With the advances in these software programs it doesn’t really matter what kind of occupation you have, you can be replaced.

While we do understand that automation is depriving people of their jobs, there is a brighter side to the story. People with tech skills are greatly in demand because without them an automation system cannot be installed or operated.

Is the World Going to Suffer from Mass Unemployment?

Well, studies did show  that  artificial intelligence jobs and automation would adversely impact the various working sectors the chances of mass unemployment are quite unlikely. In order to reverse the detrimental effects of automation, it is necessary for the people to have at least some sort of knowledge in the tech field. Even medical personnel and lawyers need to learn the usage of contemporary tools so that they can stay abreast of ongoing changes.

Now that we know which sectors are going to be affected  which  professions have no reason to worry?

Which Industries are not to be Affected by Automation?

Automation would not be able to kill the jobs that require interpersonal skills and empathy. Can you imagine programmed robots as psychiatrists helping you to deal with life’s complex issues? Consultants communicate and extend affection for treating and curing people. Same goes for teachers imparting knowledge. Nurses, personal trainers, makeup artists, hairdressers, are also going to be very difficult to replace using technology. These are a few places where technology will assist, but cannot replace those –in the field. If you’re looking for a career change that is future proof, there are a few to choose from. Are you interested in how Artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping the search engines to function better? Learn how Machine Learning is Changing the Face of Search Engines.

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