Legislating the IoT

While he Internet of Things is a relatively new concept, it does have a few years now since the inception. It is beginning to take shape and to evolve more rapidly, changing the way that we live in dramatic ways.

What is Iot?

IoT or the internet of things, very simply put is a networked set of devices and items that may not traditionally be part of what you would consider computers. IoT is the use of the internet to control objects and services that impact people’s day to day life. These devices may include fitness devices, shoes, clothing, home appliances, automation, security and even medical devices.

These devices send and receive data and may be reviewed and analyzed to assist in our day to day living.

Of inordinate concern to data experts and security personnel is how great the impact may be on our privacy. In fact there is a lot of pressure by legislators to regulate the way in which the IoT is used and to create laws forcing companies to use specific types of security, to control the people who use that specific area of IoT and to cause companies to be held liable for problems with it.

That, sadly is a double edged sword. Much like the legislation of the internet opens the door for controlling many areas of the internet such as the free exchange of ideas and the development of open source materials and software, or the Net Neutrality opens the door and sets a precedent for the lawmakers of the US to legislate other areas of the internet, so too does legislating IoT set a dangerous precedent.

While it IS necessary to control and to provide for the security of devices such as insulin pumps and other medical devices, the concern is that if heavy legislation surrounds anything that may be linked to or connected to an IoT network, the delays and the slowing in development that may result could threaten the core of the IoT movement.

Whats your take on legislating Iot and where does security begin and is legislating it going to bring innovation to an end?

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