How IoT May Help to Feed the World.

How IoT May Help to Feed the World.

Mobile Satellite Company Inmarsat has determined that over half of all respondents in the agriculture or farming sector are interested in taking a closer look at the power that IoT can offer in farming. Most are actively interested in embracing that power and state that they will spend significantly more over the course of the next five years to make that happen.

In a study called The Future of IoT in Enterprise-2017, responses from 100 of the largest agritech companies in the world showed that more than 60 percent of companies that were surveyed had already deployed some measure of IoT solutions and planned on taking advantage of it even more in the coming 5 years.

This is far and away above the use of other companies and their adoption of the IoT technology. Companies that are typically seen as more forward thinking than farming such as Transport, Energy, and Mining are well behind the 62% of agriculture businesses who have engaged in IoT. In addition, 27% more of the surveyed agriculture companies say they will be heavily invested in the next six months.

According to Ayan Jobse-Alkemade of Inmarsat Enterprise’s Agriculture Sector, said: “With the planet estimated to reach a population of 10 billion people by 2050, humanity will face challenges with sustainable water sources, food production, and the best use of land to get the maximum yield from crops. Additionally, using the most efficient method to deliver the resources will increasingly feature on the global agenda.”

Farmers are going to have to produce foods more rapidly and more intelligently. The Agri-tech sector can help them to do that.

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