IoT in Denver

Back in 2016 Denver scored a fairly lucrative grant–six million and change–from the federal government. They were given the grant to pursue a smarter infrastructure for transportation. The city of Denver matched the funding and had about 12 millionto work with. Denver IoT is something that is talked about across the country and in fact, Denver is noted as one of the top ten cities for IoT in the United States.

What’s notable isn’t the Colorado city’s plan to invest in some kind of IoT infrastructure, but its plan to build out a set of rules ahead of time that will govern how it chooses deploys, and runs its connected infrastructure. The long-range plans created by the city’s IT group start with an enterprise data management platform, which is what caught the federal grantmaker’s attention in the first place.

On top of their many different efforts to modernize and create an IoT base in Denver, some of the top IoT Developers in the world do business in Denver, including:

  • Gorilla Logic
  • Tack Mobile
  • Devetry
  • Think Tree Studios
  • Techtonic
  • SoftProdukt
  • Cardinal Peak

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