IoT in Boston

IOT in Boston

When seeking new spaces and places to send their top candidates, IoT recruiters are taking a closer look at Boston these days. While not traditionally what you might think of when you think tech, maybe it’s time to evaluate again.

Boston is becoming the tech hub of tomorrow.. coming in closely after Silicon Valley.

With more than 2,000 tech companies and IoT companies in Boston and a much lower housing and cost of living than California, many startups are giving Massachusetts, and specifically Boston a second look.

According to the experts in Massachusetts on the pages, the office of the State Auditor conducted a survey of about 85 state agencies. A few less than 30 responded. The reason for the survey was to find out who was using IoT and how they were using it.

The survey identified four types of IoT devices over four “waves” if you will and they used those waves that were defined in the 2014 paper by Sysadmin Audit, Network, Security or SANS..

These devices were
Wave 1 PCs Routers, Switches etc
Wave 2 Medical Machinery
Wave 3 Smartphones and Tablets
Wave 4 Single purpose Devices used by consumers as well as IT and OT people.

In Massachusetts and IoT use in Boston, all of the agencies that responded were using IoT devices from the first wave. About 24 were using third wave items and 5 were using fourth wave. Only 3 agencies were using second wave or medical items.

12 agencies determined they were going to expand their use of IoT in the very near future.19 agencies believed that the IoT devices were going to help them to manage problem areas better and more readily.

Boston IoT companies that are currently among the top in the state include:

Owl Labs.

Several of these IoT companies are startups and they are well worth watching for the remainder of 2020. When a startup flourishes despite COVID 19 and other detriments, it’s worth your time to take a second look.

Whoop— developer of smart bands that help to measure your activity in a whole new way.

Soofa developed a digital news feed for neighborhoods that are displayed on specially designed installations.

Patients can use Wellframe’s mobile application to manage their health remotely by video chatting with physicians and nurses.

Owl Labs
The Meeting Owl by Owl Labs is a smart video conferencing camera, which looks like an owl and can do a 360 view.

The company developed a range of smart devices that protect your home from power outages, cut landlines, break-ins, or even bats.

IoT recruiters in Boston are finding a lot of great companies to send their top candidates and these startups are benefiting from the IoT Recruiters in Boston to help them to attain the best and most qualified top-level candidates to add to their teams.

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