IoT in Albuquerque New Mexico

Albuquerque is getting up to speed on IoT. IoT companies are moving into Albuquerque as well as Iot Recruiters, but in this case, we’re talking about the city itself getting up to speed on IoT.

A San Diego based company, Ingenu, announced that they are going to expand their machine network services to Albuquerque.

Albuquerque and Innovate ABQ are now going to be using the technology to keep their computers safer and ensconced on an exclusive, private wireless connection using a low-power, long-range method dubbed Random Phase Multiple Access.

The connection works like a private cell network for the devices of Albuquerque city. It helps to make smart cities smarter by automation. It automates ops like monitoring of water leaks and parking meters. Two towers help to allow the information to flow and the main access point is live offering 80 percent coverage.

According to Kristin Gavin, a spokeswoman “The IoT has limitless possibilities, but an excellent example from a city standpoint would be for a street lighting application. With a ‘smart street lighting’ solution powered by an IoT network such as RPMA, cities can significantly reduce power consumption, increase safety, reduce CO2 emissions and save millions of dollars over the decades of battery life the low-power network affords the street light endpoint.”

Peter Ambs, Albuquerque’s chief information officer, told Albuquerque Business First implementing the Machine Network and internet of things tech will help the city better deliver its services to citizens.

Albuquerque is one of the technology centers of New Mexico and many technical and IoT companies call Albuquerque home.

Among them are:
Iterative Consulting
Mindshare Labs

Bill McCabe, Iot Recruiter Albuquerque comments that the many technical companies currently operating in Albuquerque as well as the up and coming IoT companies in Albuquerque offer many reasons to consider a move to this forward thinking city and working with one of Albuquerque’s IoT companies.