IoT in Food Manufacturing


IoT has touched the chocolate manufacturing industry as well. Consistent quality and elevated productivity are vital in producing delicious, premium chocolate products. This is where the smart chocolate factory comes in. Bühler explained last year at the Interpack Trade Show that there is a more intelligent means of process control and monitoring. Increase in productivity of any chocolate manufacturing company is brought about by fewer interventions that are done manually. This then improves food safety and lowers production costs.

At the trade show, Bühler introduced the ChocoBotic, which is a brand new molding plant. It is a form of robotic technology that is modified to fit various products, masses, and recipes. The processors for big and small chocolates are flexible enough to respond to seasonal changes and the dynamic needs of clients. Bühler developed ChocoBotic, which is considered the pioneer of a brand new group of smart, chocolate producing plants.

The Bühler plants have an online platform called the ChocoGenius that provides learning modules and interactive tutorials. They also give primary information in manufacturing chocolates. This platform is for operators and those who complete Bühler’s training offers. There is also a MyBühler digital platform that allows clients to make price inquiries or order parts more efficiently and more easily.

Bühler’s smart chocolate factory is self-optimizing. It paves the way towards the fourth wave of the Industrial Revolution. This innovation also makes all information about availability, quality, and performance accessible at any given time and place. Decision making is quicker when this happens.
Here are the main offerings of the smart chocolate party for anyone who would want to acquire it:

• Non-stop quality control. The various smart sensor systems of the smart chocolate factory bring about efficient and reliable control of the particle sizes. Particle size is a crucial parameter in making chocolates.
• Savings on service expenses, resources, and energy. The refiner of the smart chocolate factory runs non-stop, separate from the operator and the raw materials.
• Complete transparency in performance, line availability and quality. The sensor technologies enable the smart factory to measure quality and performance continuously.
• Increase in line efficiency. Constant quality and self-optimizing are the two stages of refinement in the smart chocolate factory. It maintains stable communication between the finer and the pre-finer, not to mention, running smart sensor system.

With Bühler’s smart chocolate factory, chocolates would have consistent taste and look, many patrons look for. Because everything would be automated, chocolates would be more affordable and accessible. Your sweet tooth will never be the same again.

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