IoT and Safety Concerns

The world is now driven by data, which easily connects via the Internet. Smartphones and various gadgets have transformed the expectations of various consumers. Now, there is an increasing demand for more Internet-connected products.

Safety is always a priority in every situation. Masks, gloves, and other protective apparel are vital in conducting tasks in science, healthcare, and other industries. That is why smart PPE (personal protective equipment) are being developed.

Adopting smart technology and IoT (Internet of Things) has brought forth revolutionized solutions to many situations in every industry. The said products react, measure and protect people, preventing detrimental and tragic situations involving health.

All over the world, workers depend on high-quality PPE to be safe in their work environments. The said equipment should comply with certain regulations and lower the risk of infections or injuries. Employers are now opting for smart equipment. It’s up to the suppliers to make this a possibility.

Benefits of Smart PPE

Below are some of the known benefits of smart personal protective equipment:

• Remote communication, connectivity, and live updates improve productivity and save time

• Sensors installed make manual tasks easier, faster, and more efficient

• Employers and end-users save much expense and energy because there is less injury

• Any working environment turns into a safer one

• Can warn of risks and danger points

Various Applications

There are limitless potentials and applications of the IoT in every industry. Here are some of the common uses of sensors and wearables in smart PPE:

• Protection for the environment. Smart PPE with a built-in pulse, gas, chemical, impact, sound, UV, and heat sensors can check the user and the surrounding environment. The sensors also help users and supervisors determine certain dangers and prevent them.

• Smart communication. Smart face masks, helmets, and earmuffs give the user competent and fast communication in low-visibility or extremely loud situations.

• Locating techniques. In smart mining systems, each miner can be located easily through their smart PPE.

• Smartphone alerts. The smart wearables and sensors are connected to specific apps, which can send alerts to smartphones. Through app connections, users can be notified if they are using tools inappropriately; EMTs are alerted if their medications are expired; and companies are warned about emergencies or weather fluctuations.

• Remote management. Through the built-in liquid and chemical sensors in smart containers, users and administrations can be alerted about leaks. The control room could then send immediate help.

• Safety. With smart warning devices, tagout or lockout, smart automation, and backing cameras, employees can be safer while they work.

The IoT is transforming everything and PPE is one of its targets. Through smart technology applied to PPE, higher standards on safety and health will be firmly established. Proper use of smart PPEs can help save more lives while assuring company profit

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