IoT and IoT Recruiters in San Diego

San Diego California is not what you might call a “cradle of technology” but they are in the midst of one of the biggest deployments of IoT on the continent. The IoT deployment involves cameras, sensors, microphones and many other things that will help people understand how the city works and how traffic and people move through the city.

From the center of the Santa Clara Convention Center, Erik Caldwell, who functions as the deputy chief operating officer for smart and sustainable communities in San Diego commented ““The principal means of communication for most things in our lives is the smartphone,” Caldwell told attendees at the Internet of Things World conference in mid-May. “It’s not paper. It’s not even email anymore, in terms of talking to your service providers”

He was speaking to people to stress to them how the city of San Diego was interacting with the residents using smart phones and various technology, including IoT. San Diego IoT Recruiter Bill McCabe says that a lot of what San Diego is doing is mindful of much larger cities and of companies that are doing online selling.

According to Caldwell, “When cities have people email or call a central location about a pothole, it isn’t convenient,” he said. “It’s not the way that people want to communicate.” That’s why the city developed the Get It Done smartphone app, which allows residents to report problems like potholes using the phone’s camera and location positioning.” caldwell also says that San Diego is in the process of the largest urban deployment of IoT nodes in North America. They are kitting out more than 4,200 streetlights with cameras, microphones and other sensors to help the city understand how residents and visitors are moving through the city.

Not only is the city using IoT for their own purposes but the city is a hotbed of IoT activity with a wide range of companies and startups operating in the city.
Among the IoT developers in San Diego, California, according to San Diego IoT Recruiter Bill McCabe are these:

Origami Studios
Barefoot Solutions
Pros Global Inc
MJD Interactive.

These companies are IoT innovators who are taking technology to the next level in San Diego.