IoT and Digital Twins Technology – How Digital Twins Really Work

The Digital Twin concept isn’t new by any stretch. It’s been around since 2002 or earlier. The problem with that technology is that it wasn’t always cost effective.

IoT or the Internet of Things changed that and made Digital twins cost-effective and much easier to implement.

Digital twin technology is imperative to businesses today and makes the products that we get and use far more reliable and cost effective too.

The Low Down on Digital Twin Tech.

Digital Twins are nothing more than virtual models of services, products or processes.  The virtual and physical twinning allows us to analyze the systems and to nip problems in the bud and prevent our factories or systems from having down time. Digital twinning also allows us to develop new products, new services and create new opportunities.

It even allows us to plan for the future of manufacturing processes by using a simulation of what we are proposing for the future using previous data.

The SAP Senior VP of Iot, Thomas Kaiser says that “Digital twins are becoming a business imperative, covering the entire lifecycle of an asset or process and forming the foundation for connected products and services. Companies that fail to respond will be left behind.”

How Digital Twins Work

Digital twins are bridges. They bridge the gap between the physical world of manufacturing or production and the digital world where the planning takes place.

Companies like NASA and IBM are using smart components. The sensors that are part of these smart components are gathering massive amounts of information every day. They  attain the data about working conditions, temperatures, real time status, speed, nearly any type of information that they want from the sensors. These components are connected to cloud systems and they process all of the data that the sensors give them. Its analyzed and used to plan, prevent, and help to learn more about the process.

The lessons that we can learn from them can help to keep human workers safer, to prevent down time, to lower the cost of manufacturing and  transform many different types of business.

Today, because of so many different types of sensors given to us by IoT technology and because of cloud connectivity we have new and unprecedented opportunities for digital twin use in nearly every industry in the world.

Why is Digital Twin Technology Imperative?

Digital twins are the masterminds behind all kinds of performance testing and innovative new products. It is now the most advanced type of analytic and predictive technology available.

Companies which are investing in digital twin tech are seeing a 30-35 percent improvement in their cycle time.

Within the next few years alone, there will be billions of products and services that are represented by their own digital twin. These twins will lead to new ways to save money, save time and even save lives.

Digital twins are helping companies to improve their products, their operation, their customer service and ultimately their bottom line.

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