IoT and Construction- Making Jobs Safer

It’s not a shock to anyone that some jobs are dangerous. Construction jobs, for example are some of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Creating new buildings, high rises, bridges, dams and other projects have cost the lives of men and women for hundreds of years.

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When someone says that they can make construction jobs safer, people sit up and take notice. Triax Technologies said that they could make construction sites much safer by using the internet of things. People noticed and here’s what they found.

Triax was using a mesh network that was proprietar called Spot R and connecting sensors that were worn by the workers. They included wall mounted alarms and connected heavy machinery to a cloud based system that they then could monitor using just a smart phone.

According to Triax CEO Robert Costantini, the goal isn’t to make things more complex bur rather to make safety more difficult to achieve, but quite the opposite, to help people to change the culture of construction to make every job safer. “We want to make each worker part of the safety team by making safety simple.”

The basis of the entire system is called the Spot-r Clip that every member of the team will wear on their belt. The entire job site will be populated with the clips and each clip is assigned to a given person. The clips are motion sensors that will help to detect falls, and may also help to ensure that the right people are in the right places. It can be coded to include a worker’s certifications, to track when they arrive and leave and show precisey where people are at any given time on the job site.

These clips also have a button that acts as an alarm to alert the supervisory staff silenty of a problem as well as a means to sound an alarm that will tell people on the site when or if it would be necessary to evacuate people from the job site.

The data that the sensors gather is sent to a dashboard in the cloud and a mobile app monitors the job site from a remote location. It will show a history of where people are and let the supervisor know any time someone needs help.

Available since 2017, many companies have put the Spot R system into use and it has greatly improved the safety of the site and personnel. According to Costantini,”We’ve improved site evacuation times by 82%, and improved incident response time by 91%.”

He further notes that Spot-r and other tools such as this one “won’t stop someone from falling off a roof, they’re a tool that requires active engagement with safety culture.”

In other words, they are just one part of the equation, working in concert with humans to make the construction sites safer for the workers.

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