Deep Learning Vs Machine Learning And Its Affect On Jobs

Machine learning and Deep learning. Two analytic and data building concepts that have changed the game in many ways when it comes to jobs and how they are received, achieved, and handled. First, we need to cover our basis here and explain to those that don’t know the difference between the two, exactly what those differences are.

What is Machine Learning (ML)?

Before AI came machine learning. The basis for machine learning is that a collection of data is put into a specific system(this system doesn’t even have to be great) and once that data is placed, the machine will use what data it has to form an outcome. To break it down, consider the concept of storm prediction. Much data is placed within the system and from there it’s possible predict an upcoming storm.

What is Deep Learning?

Deep learning is the feeding of data into a computer system. One this is done, the computer then begins making decisions in regards to other data. These data decisions are then fed through the neural networks just like with machine leaning. However, unlike machine learning, it’s quite a bit more complex in it’s binary true and false questions due to its logical constructions.

How Machine Learning And Deep Learning Affects Jobs

We’ve been developing AI for quite some time. Machine learning and deep learning and its affect on the job industry really depends on the industry, what these AI’s will be doing, and countless other concepts. For the moment, while AI has been put into place in various areas, those jobs that AI has “taken over” has opened up avenues for different jobs and has forced millions to simply add another area of expertise to the table of skills.

Some believe in the theory that AI will simply take over and leave thousands, if not millions, of people out of work. It’s possible that there will be a mild level of displacement for certain areas, but again, this theory isn’t sound enough to merit the “horror” that some have of AI. The entire concept of AI is to aid in the process of advancement and not to simply bring forth an army of robots to “do it all”.

Consider the duel partnership of surgeons and AI systems that save lives on a daily basis. It’s highly doubtful that doctors will become extinct from Machine or Deep Learning. This concept, alone, labels certain areas of success with the incorporation of AI. Without a doubt, the thought of too much artificial intelligence within the job industry is a fear for many people of varying industries. Some experts are concerned that AI and all that goes with it, will have a negative impact on the work force.

While it is true that AI has replaced specific roles in the job industry, the pros and cons can be measured in equal balance. There are areas that will see a decrease in the need of workers, yet there are also greater advances and areas of expertise to fill in the process of keeping up with the future of AI, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning. Thus far, the idea of AI is still looked upon in a positive light.

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