Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the science of creating technology that can mimic the thoughts and actions of humans. This is done by allowing the AI to learn a process without prior experience and take what it knows to operate more efficiently, without any manual intervention.

For this to work, a company will need a professional with experience in knowledge programming. Regardless of the industry that the individual is working in, there will always be a need for the best candidate to further advance the technology within your company.

Why Softnet Search IoT Recruiters?

We bring you candidates that will be committed to your company’s vision, so you won’t have to go through the difficult hiring process again in the near future.

At Softnet Search our experience is key. We spend time learning all of the facets of your company. Once our team has a feel for your company’s values, vision, culture, and goals, we’re able to make tailored placement recommendations that will boost your business..

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The IT Industry

The  IoT industry changes dramatically in a very short time span.. Due to technology and innovation changes that have taken place in a blink of an eye, the industry today looks much different than it did even 2 years ago, and 5 years from now iit will be literally unrecognizable. For companies to stay competitive during these times of change, they need to have employees who can deliver results in a shifting environment.

The perfect talent/hire for your company will possess the skills and experience needed to succeed. To do that they will also need to fit into your corporate culture and have the innovation and leadership skills they need to carry your company into the future. That’s where we come in.

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  1. IOT Solution Architect / Telematics / Connected Vehicle / Manufacturing / Automotive-
    Top Consulting Firm
  2. IOT Solution Architect / Manufacturing Execution Systems / SCADA / Smart Manufacturing / Digital Twin-
    Major Private Company
  3. IOT Solution Sales / Manufacturing Execution Systems / SCADA / Smart Manufacturing-
    Top Level Consulting Firm
  4. Digital Twin Expert / Manufacturing / MES and Plant Floor Systems
    Tier 1 Consulting Firm
  5. IoT Architect / Telematics / Connected Industrial Equipment
    Tier 1 Consulting Firm
  6. Azure IoT and AI/ML Senior Consultant / Industry 4.0
    Tier 1 Consulting Firm

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