AI in Recruiting- What Does it Offer?

The battle for new talent has heated up over the past few years. With new recruits essentially in charge and the lowered unemployment rate, we’re seeing a whole new picture in recruiting.
Today the candidates are becoming much more selective about the jobs they are taking and they are less focused on money than they are on things like compelling missions, great company culture and positive impacts.

Recruiters are having to step up their game in order to attract the kind of candidates that will carry their company forward.

AI and AI technologies have become essential for helping recruiters to enhance their recruiting efforts and reel in the best candidates.

Recruiters spend an average of about 13 hours per week finding and engaging candidates for one single role. Given that time is limited there are only so many things that they can sort through and so many ways in which to find their candidates as well as to vet them.

AI can help given its unmatched ability to sift through thousands of data markers to enable the recruiter to identify a high potential candidate much more rapidly.

By using AI the recruiter can also reach out into a wider pool of talent to gain candidates. These may include social media, agency databases and also online career boards.

One of the best reasons to use AI in your recruiting is to identify people who may not be actively seeking a job. More than 70 percent of the current talent pool is made up of what we call passive candidates. Ignore these at your own peril. If you do not pull from this group it can absolutely cripple your recruiting efforts.

Talent teams state that passive candidates are 120% more likely to make the strongest impact.

AI tools such as Ideal can help you to identify candidates that may have already applied or that may be passive candidates and help you to match the precise candidate with the right employment opportunity.

Do you use an AI assistant for recruiting? If so, how has it helped you to achieve better returns on your time investment?

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